Do you ever open the Netflix app and completely fail to decide on which show to watch, or you start on a show that gets you sleepy just 5 minutes in? Well if that sounds like your problem, I am here for you, I gatchu. 

Netflix has a lot of shows but I don’t think they are all likable, getting the right one can be a bit of a challenge especially if you have no recommendations whatsoever, so you end up choosing just about anything and hope that its interesting. If you’re lucky you may like it and become hooked, but then it may also turn out to be one of the most boring shows you’ve ever watched, wasting your time and data.

Now I know everyone’s taste is different, but I think there some shows that are loved by everyone because they are genuinely interesting. And I want to believe my taste is not that horrible because I absolutely loved watching these shows am recommending.


Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do just about anything to make sure you are with them, even if it comes to killing? No? Well Joe Goldberg knows exactly what am talking about. Joe is charming and sweet, but he’s also a psycho stalker and very obsessive, what a combination! He’ll stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wants.

Blood and Water.

High school drama, but the interesting one. Puleng sneaks out for a night of fun with her best friend, where she meets Fiks, who coincidentally shares a birthday with Puleng’s long lost sister, or is it really a coincidence?  Puleng is convinced Fiks could be her sister and she ventures into a journey to discover the truth. 

13 reasons why

In this heartbreaking series, Hannah Baker commits suicide but leaves behind a package, that Clay Jensen finds explaining 13 reasons why, she decided to end her own life. The package includes 13 tapes and each tape belongs to a particular person that could have given her reason to end her life. As clay listens, he wonders if and why he could be part of the 13 reasons why.


Who doesn’t love a good mystery. This story is told by Jughead Jones who is writing a novel, about the events that take place in the small town of Riverdale. A group of high school students are devastated after the mysterious death of their classmate, Jason Blossom. Archie and his friends are determined to solve this mystery but in order to do so, they must unlock all the secrets that lay underneath their hometown.

How to get away with murder.

My all-time favorite. Find out what happens when a criminal defense attorney and law professor gets entangled in a crime, a murder, in this case. Annalise Keating and five of her students become involved in a twisted murder mystery that changes the course of their careers and their lives.

On my block.

I absolutely love this show, mostly because it’s so funny and will crack you up. I can’t mention this show without thinking of Jamal, he is definitely the funniest character in the show. Ruby, Olivia, Cesar and Jamal are living in a complicated world of gangsters, adolescence and high school, and they are just trying to make it work. The characters in this show are brilliant, lovable and deliver such an impactful message, totally binge worthy.

Never have I ever

If you want something light and funny, this will do. Devi is a young Indian girl, raised in America who is struggling to keep up with all the high school trends. She is trying to get her life back to normal and return with a bang after the death of her father and the rather sudden return of her mobility. This show gave me a good laugh that was very much needed, I definitely recommend this.


You won’t want to miss the drama in this one. Fallon Carrington thinks she’s being summoned by her dad so that he can finally pass down the family business to her. But when she and her brother arrive, turns out he just wants to announce his relationship with his fiancée Cristal, who also happens to be an employee at his company. Fallon isn’t ready to accept the news and hell breaks loose between Fallon and her soon to be step mum. More drama unfolds between the Colbys and the Carringtons as they try to secure their wealth and keep afloat.

Stranger things

A young boy suddenly disappears which turns the whole town upside down as they search for answers in quest of finding him. Things get weird when top secret government experiments and supernatural forces are discovered. A strange little girl with psychokinetic and telepathic powers also comes into the story and there could be a lot more going on in this little town than meets the eye. Stranger things indeed.

Money heist

I stayed up all night binging this one. Everyone’s rooting for the bank robbers, but when did the villains in the story ever become the good guys? Well in this adrenaline filled series, they are, you just can’t help but love them.

Thank you for reading, have yourselves a lovely weekend.

27 thoughts on “GET YOUR BINGE ON

  1. I’ve watched all these and I can confidently say you don’t have bad taste in tv series at all💚
    I’m sad HTGAWM ended though.
    I stopped watching dynasty after season 2 though( I need to catch up on that one)
    The ones I’m anticipating most are YOU, season three; stranger things, season four; and the final season of money heist

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m anticipating some of our favourite characters dying(El Professor maybe), some going to jail(I’m thinking Tokyo and Denver) and a few surprise getaways(perhaps Palermo, Stockholm, Rio). Just my opinion though 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yet another good read from you.
    I have watched all save for Riverdale, Never Have I and Stranger Things. I tried the latter though I am not so into Sci-fi but I would love to try the other two as well.

    This is quite a good list and would recommend each and every one of them, especially YOU, How To Get Away With Murder, Money Heist, blood and water plus 13 reasons why, and why? Because they keep you hanging on for more.

    I loved this article, Fiona. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Always welcome.
        I would recommend; Queen Sono, Young Wallander, Peaky Blinders, The Spy and Bad blood.
        Though the above mentioned are not my all time favorites.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome choices! Riverdale (my favorite show ever), Never have I ever and Stranger things are amazing! i would add Victorious onto this too, even though its old. I laughed, literally, all the time when I watched it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great suggestions! I’ve thought about watching Riverdale and I thoroughly enjoyed You. Some others that we binged are Queen of the South, Bloodlines, Animal Kingdom, Vikings, Homeland, Ozark, Good Girls and Away. Depending on your likes there is so much to choose from ! Thanks for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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